Your Wedding is a Once – In – A – Lifetime Event! 

It takes more than a friend with an iPad to make it special!

  We have over 90+ years of combined experience. 

Our DJ’s know it’s more than sitting behind a table shuffling music,

we guide you through your entire reception.


If we don't have it, we will get it.

We got Music!

Our Music Library ranges from the Big Band era to the urban sounds of today, and everything in-between.


We started DJ'ing before Digital was a thing!

Founded in 1985

In business for over 30 years!  You may think that makes us old, but we have as much fun as 20 year olds!


Talking on a microphone comes natural to us.

We got the Mic.

Simple announcements to full blown Emcee.  You tell us what you need, and we will take the mic from there.


Create a feeling or a mood with the right lighting

Mood to Disco!

Use it to create a mood!  Use it to energize a dance floor!  Use it to spotlight the cake, or put your name in lights!

Hours Dancing
First Dances
Songs Played

Susan and I were extremely pleased with the work that you did as our DJ.  We received several positive comments on the quality and professionalism that you displayed.  Especially from the folks on the dance floor!  Keep ’em dancin’, and thanks again!

Martin & Susan R.