As John Mellencamp said….”Play Guitar”

Maybe you have heard the song from John Mellencamp, “Play Guitar”.  Well, to be fair, when it was released, he was John Cougar.  But the title of the song didn’t change.  The song is great.  It speaks to rock n’ roll.  It speaks to everyone who has ever thought about, wanted, or dreamed of playing guitar. And you have probably even played a some “Air Guitar” in your day.  Hell, back in college, we actually had an “Air Guitar” contest on campus.  It was hosted by one of the radio stations, and it filled the auditorium.  The only rule… real instruments.  There is even an international “Air Guitar” contest.  There’s a great documentary on Netflix about it.

I’m no different.  I love the guitar and would love to be able to play.  I even have a guitar.  It hangs on the wall and mocks me every time I walk by it.   It would be great to be able to pick up a guitar and play it.  Acoustic, Electric, it doesn’t matter.  Just to be able to play guitar would be great.

Now, going into your local retailer like a guitar center or some other music shop can be over-whelming.  How do you know which one to get?  How do you pick?  And, when one of the guitar techs comes over and starts talking, it’s like a foreign language.  Well, I just happened to find a great article on How to Choose the Best Guitar.  It’s a great read, and gives you some really good info. Not to mention how to understand some of the language.  I found the article on  It’s worth the read if you are thinking about playing a guitar.

After all, like John Mellencamp said, “…But if you really want to taste some cool success, You better learn to play guitar.”


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