Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Well, it might have been freezing outside (it usually is at the beginning of January here in Iowa), however inside it was nice and warm.  I had the pleasure of entertaining at the Bennet/Ferring wedding at the beginning of January in the historic Paramount Theater, in downtown Cedar Rapids.

Let’s just say the Paramount staff did a fantastic job of providing a venue that was perfect for a wedding.  The ceremony itself was in the Hall of Mirror’s (the grand entrance when you walk in).  The guests then relaxed in the lounge while a Champagne Toast was set up in the Hall of Mirrors.  With a Magna bottle of Champagne!!!  Chad & Jennifer’s guests were treated to something out of a Disney movie.

The guests then took to the stage, where dinner was catered in by Popoli’s Restaurant.  And we finished the night off with dancing on the stage.  Even though the seats in the auditorium were empty, the last dance ended with a standing ovation for Chad & Jennifer.

Plenty warm inside on this cold January night.

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