These Girls Rock!

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I love music.  Period.  All DJ's do.  All kinds of music, Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Jazz, Urban, Hard Rock, Rap, etc...I listen to it all.  Music is a universal language that everyone can get into.  I listen to so much music that I am always looking for something that makes me go "Wow!".  That was great.  [...]

Merry Christmas

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So, we have been busy over the last 18 months with all sorts of gigs, and as such, we have been rather lazy in posting.  Our bad.  However, one of my favorite independent artists recently posted a Christmas song/video, and it's great!  so, I thought I would share.  These guys are having a ball playing music, [...]

Kirk Monson

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Kirk Monson started DJ'ing in 1986 up in the Lake Okoboji area.  (and he's been rockin' it ever since). Kirk and Jeff met in college at the University of Northern Iowa while both were studying for broadcasting degrees.  (they of course both graduated).  Kirk spent some time working at the student run radio station, as well [...]

Kittleson / Dahm Wedding

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We had the pleasure of playing a venue in 2012 that we haven't played in for years.  The Elks Club in Waterloo, Iowa.  What a wonderful and beautiful facility.  It was just as beautiful as we remembered.  Great architecture and a great vibe.  And the Bride and Groom were a blast to boot. The Groomsmen all [...]

You just got engaged! What should you do next?

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Or more importantly, what shouldn't you worry about doing next?  Often times, when people start working on something that they just don't know that much about or have much experience doing (such as a wedding) they concentrate their time on tasks that can actually wait till later.  And, the tasks or items that need to get [...]

May Wedding – Alyssa Kratovil

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At the end of May we were fortunate enough to entertain at the Kratovil Wedding.  This was a beautiful wedding reception held in the club lounge of Kinnick Stadium.  The wedding cake was "Cupcakes!", and the stadium even had the bride and grooms video playing on the jumbo-tron.  Very cool stuff.  Below are some pictures of [...]

Wedding Reception Traditions

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At a planning session for a wedding coming up later this summer, I was asked "What is the traditional way of doing the reception?"  The more I think about this question, the more I realized that I am getting asked this question a lot.   Anymore, it's not really about what traditions need to be followed.  [...]