Wedding Traditions

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As you are planning your wedding, you are no doubt having discussions on what exactly will happen pre-ceremony, during the ceremony, after the ceremony, etc....  You might be talking about typical U.S. traditions.  It may be regional traditions, or heck, you might even have some family traditions that you want to continue on.  There's a lot [...]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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Well, it might have been freezing outside (it usually is at the beginning of January here in Iowa), however inside it was nice and warm.  I had the pleasure of entertaining at the Bennet/Ferring wedding at the beginning of January in the historic Paramount Theater, in downtown Cedar Rapids. Let's just say the Paramount staff [...]

Making your Music Request List

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Whether you are months away from your reception or just a week away from the date, one of the large items that often gets overlooked till the last minute is making your list of songs for the reception.  There are many ways of doing this, but ultimately, it comes down to this...."Where do we start?"  [...]

Hardin Wedding….It was a rainy day, but fun was had by all

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I love entertaining at weddings.  That's why we do so many of them.  The only thing better than DJ'ing a wedding, is DJ'ing a wedding for a family that I have known for so long, and have DJ'ed their parties for years, that I can remember when the bride was a little girl.  Such was [...]

Football & Weddings

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It's that time of year again when Football is in prime time.  If you are having a wedding between October and December, you no doubt have been asked a question something like this..."Is your wedding the same day as the Iowa vs Minnesota game?!?"  Fill in your favorite college teams.  Brides have struggles with this for [...]