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We know what we do well.  Just like a hot fudge sundae requires just a few ingredients to make it yummy, the core of everything we do revolves around music and being your Disc Jockey. The main focus of our business is Weddings. We love em’.  That’s why they make up 90% of the events we do.

Yes, you can add all sorts of ingredients to a hot fudge sundae (cherries, sprinkles, cookies, candy, etc…) but it’s the main ingredients that people rely on.  DJ’ing isn’t much different. We stick to what we know, and what we love doing.  We could add all sorts of other “add-on’s” to what we offer, but we just don’t have a passion for those items like we do music.

We do entertain at private parties such as corporate parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, we’ve even been the DJ at a few funerals.  Still, it comes down to mixing music and bringing some fun and energy to event.  That’s the service that ZMusic DJ’s provides.

Planning, organizing and even structure of the music can, and often times, is very different for Weddings as opposed to a Private Party.  They require a different thought process.  Even a different approach to music.  To learn more about our services for Weddings and Private Parties, click on the pictures below.




Private / Corporate Parties