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Thanks so much for providing the music and fun for our wedding reception.  All of our guests raved about how much fun they had.  You did a great job!

Kristi T.

On the day of your wedding, we understand that you don’t want to be concerned with details.  We don’t want you to either.  The music sets the tone for a wedding reception.  How often have you left a wedding reception because you didn’t approve of the table decorations?  Probably never.  But, if the music was too loud, inappropriate or just not fun, you may walk out.  We don’t want that to happen.

ZMusic DJ’s will program the music for your reception to fit you and your guests.  We blend in with your guests, and communicate with your photographer, videographer, caterer, etc… to ensure that all the details happen the way you had envisioned.  When you show up at the reception hall, we want you to relax and enjoy the night.

Pre-Reception Services included:

  • Planning Meetings

  • Online access to Music Database

  • Online access to Reception Planner

  • Selection of Social hour Music

  • Selection of Dinner Music

  • Identification of any “Do Not Play” songs

Reception Services Included:

  • Grand Entrance of the Wedding Party

  • Cutting the Cake

  • Social and Dinner Music at your pace

  • Children’s Bouquet

  • Garter and Bridal Bouquet Toss (classy to wild)

  • Bride & Groom first dance

  • Any Special dances requested

  • Any Announcements

PLUS – our rates are “All-Inclusive”.  What’s that mean?  It means you are booking us for the day up till MIDNIGHT!  You don’t have to worry about any overtime charges.