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New Years Eve

Make your event truly colorful

Up-Lighting : 

Uplighting is the most basic, yet one of the most powerful forms of event lighting. We utilize LED technology, allowing us to match a variety of colors. All of our uplighting stays cool to the touch, doesn’t require a large amount of electricity, and will certainly transform your venue!  Lights can be colored into just about any color to match the color of your wedding.  This gives the room a fantastic glow and warmth.

Head Table Uplighting 

Uplighting your head table is a simple and affordable way to spice up your reception venue. The lighting will naturally bring the guests focus towards the head table, making you the focal point of the night! Use as few as four uplights or as many as twelve to get the desired effect! We can do head table uplighting on a solid wall or on a varieties of draperies / backdrops.  Think of the lights behind the head table as Roman Columns of light.


Cake Table Uplighting 

Uplighting your cake table is another simple and affordable way to spice up your reception venue and highlight your beautiful cake.  You can use as few as 1 light under the table and as many as 6 lights to obtain the desired effect!. Cake table lighting by itself with no other Up-Lights is $64.99 per light up to three lights.


Monogram Lighting – Put Your name in Lights!: 

Monogram projections are quickly becoming one of the hottest event lighting additions! We are able to custom design a monogram, texture, or general graphic that can be displayed on any surface area. The customized “gobo” is yours to keep after the wedding reception.


Wedding Dance Playlist: 

The perfect addition to any wedding scrapbook or album.  We document the songs that we play during the wedding dance, from the very first dance that you and your new spouse share together all the way through to the last song of the evening.  This list is then provided to you on Acid Free paper.  This list is provided to you within two weeks of your wedding reception. 


Video Dance Party:

Add video to your DJ services.  Not only do you get to dance to the music, but also get to enjoy the videos as well.  Practice your moves, and dance with the videos.  It’s like your own MTV party.  This extra must be booked with one of the DJ services.