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Questions you have asked, and maybe some you haven’t thought of…

What do you charge?

Our prices are based on the type of event,  and the location of your event. Z-Music DJs has more than 25 years of experience and we put that to use for you. First, what type of event are you planning on having?  Second, what are you looking for from your DJ/entertainment?  These two questions will be the primary factors in the fee.  Please view our Rates or Contact Us to learn more about our services.

What is included in your price?

All prices include set-up, dinner/background music, dance music and tear-down, as well as the benefits listed on the Wedding page. There is no charge for travel if the event takes place in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area. PLUS – all of our rates are ALL-INCLUSIVE!  No worrying about if 4 hours is enough, or is 5 hours enough.  When you book with Z-Music DJ’s, you book us for the day.  That means we play till midnight.  No overtime or extra charges.
If the event is outside of the Corridor area, we will charge for travel and possibly lodging. Extra hours can be purchased.

Will you set-up while our guests are present?

No. We always arrive about two to three hours earlier than the start time of the event. This allows us to set-up and be ready by the time the first guest shows up.

What experience do you have?

Over 25 years eachYou can learn more about us and our experience here.

How do I know that Jeff or Paul will be at my event if I want a live DJ?

Z-Music is a  multi-unit operation with two “on-staff DJ’s”.  Those two DJ’s are Jeff Zahrt and Paul Gormley.   Z-Music does not sub-contract with other DJ companies nor do we hire someone else to do an event. We don’t “farm our our work”.  When you book an event with us, you will be told who your DJ will be before you even sign the contract.  We believe that this dedication truly provides superior service.

How will you dress for the occasion?

We will dress how you advise us. We can dress formally to casually – it all depends on your event. For weddings, we can and will dress formally if you like.  If it is a beach party that you are planning, we can wear beachwear. We always try to dress in a manner that matches the event.

What type of equipment do you use?

Z-Music DJ equipment is professional grade. We do not buy any of our gear at local retail or department stores. We use equipment that is designed and built for professional music and DJ services. And, just in case the unforeseeable does happen, we carry back-up gear. If you would like a full listing of the brands of equipment we use, please Contact Us we will gladly send you a list.

Can we make requests?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage it. Z-Music DJs prides itself on playing as many requests as we can.  Additionally, we will ask your guests to make requests. This way we have a better idea of what they want to hear.

Can we request that certain songs not be played?

Certainly. As the bride and groom or host of the event, it is up to you. If there are certain songs that you do not want played, we will gladly comply. If a particular song is requested that you asked us not to play, we will ask you personally if we should play the song.

Who controls the volume?

You control the volume! If you want the music just loud enough so that regular conversation can take place, we can play at that volume and still provide crystal clear sound. If you want heart thumpin’ music, we can play at that volume and still be crystal clear. More volume is not always better. Our system is set-up and designed for maximum efficiency. So you get great sound at any level.

How much of your music is on compact disc?

All of it. We are 100% CD. However, this is not our prime medium that we play. It is what comprises our music library.  Our music is on MP3, and we use a computer specifically designed and built to DJ.

If you use a computer, how much of your music is downloaded? Is it legal?

We do not download any of our music. All of our music is “ripped” from the actual CDs.  And, our computers have “raided hard drives” built into them, so the back-up music is already up and running.  Since all of our music is “ripped” from the CDs, we are in compliance with all laws as best a DJ can be. Plus, you can be assured that there will be none of those annoying hic-cups in the music that often occurs with downloaded music.

Will I receive a written contract?

Yes. Every client that books with Z-Music DJs will receive a written contract that details all of the issues pertaining to your event.

How far ahead should we book a date?

As a rule of thumb, as soon as you pick your date, you should also line up your reception hall, church and caterer. We generally book about a year in advance. All dates are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How do we book a date?

A date will be considered tentative and held for you, once a contract is written and sent out. You will have 10 working days to return the contract with a retainer fee. Once the contract is received with a retainer fee, the date will be locked. If a contract is not returned within 10 days with a retainer fee, Z-Music DJs cannot guarantee the date.

Will you still be in business on the day of our event?

Yes. We have been in business for over 25 years. Many DJ companies come and go and are pure hobbyist’s.  Z-Music DJ’s is a licensed business in the state of Iowa. That’s one reason that a signed contract is so important. We will be here, you can count on it.

Does the DJ get involved or interact with the guests?

This is up to you. Z-Music DJs can be as interactive as you would like. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor our performance to suit your needs. If interactivity and games are what you want, then we are in the middle of it. If all you want is some low background music, we can do that as well.

Do you have the music that we want?

Yes. We like to meet with you before hand to discuss this issue. We will cover the type of music that you are looking for, the energy level that you want, and any other special requests that you have. If there are special requests that you have and we don’t have the music, we will get it as long as it is mainstream enough for us to use again.

Will you act as Master of Ceremonies?

Yes!  Jeff or Paul will use  their professional background, training, and experience to make any announcements that you may need.  Jeff or Paul will also act as Master of Ceremonies to coordinate any planned events that you have scheduled.

Do you have any references?

Yes. We will gladly provide you with references if you Contact Us.

Can we come see you at an event?

No.  Why? quite simply, it’s not our event to invite guests to. Would you want us to invite potential guests to your party or wedding and then audition for them while we are entertaining your guests?  We don’t feel that’s fair to you.  We also work very hard to tailor any event to the needs and wants of our clients who hired us.  That means that we may be playing the “Chicken Dance” when you walk in, and you may hate the “Chicken Dance”  The impression that it leaves is that “They are one of those DJ’s who always plays the Chicken Dance”.  Each event is a very subjective thing.  However, you still want to know who and what you are booking.  Talk to the banquet halls that we play at, or the hall where your event is going to be held.  See what they have to say.  Ask us for references.  And, ask us for a free DVD.  We will gladly mail it to you free of charge.  If after all that, it’s still not enough, we will meet with you at an event, but only prior to the event starting while we are setting up.  Our focus once an event begins is the event that we are getting paid to entertain at.  They are paying for our time, attention and talent, and we feel it our duty to oblige that contract.