We know that planning a wedding is often a one time thing.  And, that you may have never planned a wedding before.  Heck, you may not even know what questions to ask.  So we have put together a list of questions that we frequently receive.  If you don’t find an answer to your question below, just send us an email or give a us a call.

Will you act as Master of Ceremonies2017-10-09T04:58:10+00:00

Sure!  We would be happy to make any announcements, guide your guests through the activities planned, and make sure everyone knows what’s going on.  All of us are trained on the Microphone, and have been filling this role for quite some time.

Does the DJ get involved or interact with the guests?2017-10-08T03:35:58+00:00

Well….this is up to you.  We can be as interactive as you want, or as low key and quite as you want.  It really depends on the type of event you are wanting to have.  If you want bridal games, we can run them for you.  Everything from the shoe game to organizing your guests to embarrass either the bride or groom.  We can be right in the middle of it.  If however, you are looking for your DJ to melt in, we can do that too.  It’s up to you.

What type of equipment do you use?2017-10-08T02:55:00+00:00

All of our gear is professional DJ equipment.  We use several different brands, and are constantly changing them out.  All of our gear is designed for what we use it for.  Professional DJ’ing.  It’s not home stereo stuff.  It’s not piece-mealed together.  We could list our gear, but the list would be long.  And, within a short amount of time, the list would change.  When it comes down to it, it’s not about the gear that we have. Anyone can buy pro-gear either on line or at a store like Guitar Center.  (That’s like a candy store for us by the way….our wives don’t like us going in there).  Zach Johnson can do amazing things with just about any type of golf club.  But, just because I can buy the same clubs he uses, doesn’t make me as good as Zach, and doesn’t make me a pro.  The same applies to DJ gear.  Anyone can buy it.  It really comes down to how you use the gear, and what you can do with it.

How will you Dress for my Event2017-10-08T02:45:14+00:00

We will dress how you advise us.  We can dress formally (Suit Jacket & Tie) to extremely casual (shorts and t-shirt….think outdoors by the pool).  It’s all up to you.  If we aren’t given any direction, we will dress just like we were a guest going to a wedding, which means we will probably be wearing a tie.  We stopped wearing a Tuxedo several years ago.  The main reason?  We got tired of having to replace them from ripping them out while dancing.  They are just not very forgiving.

When do I know who will be my DJ?2017-10-08T02:39:34+00:00

We assign the DJ before you sign the contract.  You will know exactly who your DJ will be.  We don’t work for other DJ companies, and we don’t contract out to other DJ’s.  You will meet with your DJ during your planning meetings, and he will be the same DJ that will be at your event.

When do you arrive and set up?2017-10-08T02:35:27+00:00

Always a good question.  We like to arrive before any guests show up.  Often times, we may be the only ones in the reception hall.  Since we don’t charge by the hour, you won’t see us dragging our gear in to set up in the middle of your dinner or social hour.  We want to be set up and ready to start when your guests start entering the hall.

What experience do you have? Especially with Weddings?2017-10-07T03:54:56+00:00

When it comes to your wedding, we know you have a lot of choices in regards to DJ’s.  Some years, the choices can be overwhelming by how many DJ’s there are.  Some years not so much.  However, when it comes down to the one day you have dreamed about and planned for so very long, do you really want to trust a friend of a friend who “has a huge music selection”?  The day you have put so much effort into being perfect.  The once in a lifetime event.  Having a DJ who has been entertaining at and guiding Brides and Grooms through the reception for over 30 years will help ensure you have a perfect reception.  We are the only DJ’s who have been in business for over 30 years.  Combined, we have over 90 years.  No other DJ company in Eastern Iowa has been in business for as long as we have.  We have outlasted, out-danced,  and out-played all of the DJ’s who have come and gone.  It’s not just about having a “huge selection of music”.  It’s about having the right music, and knowing how to read a crowd.  When to get loud, and when not too.  Our 30+ years of experience each gives us experience that can’t be matched by anyone else in Eastern Iowa.

How do we book a date on your calendar?2017-10-08T04:21:48+00:00

When you know you want to book/confirm the date and get on our calendar, here’s what you do;

  1. Contact us either by email or by phone and let us know you are ready to book the event
  2. We will set you up for online access and email you your log in credentials
  3. Log in, and print off the contract
  4. Sign the contract
  5. Mail the contract and retainer check (Made payable to Jeff Zahrt) to the address on the contract
  6. When we receive the contract, we will mark your date confirmed, log your payment online, sign the contract and mail you back a copy with our signature.
  7. Your date is confirmed!
Will you be in business on the day of our event?2017-10-08T03:28:52+00:00

I love this question.  Yes.  We have been in business for over 30 years.  We have a proven track record.  We have families here.  Our kids go to school here.  We aren’t going anywhere.  And, you will have a signed contract for protection.  There’s a reason why we get so many calls every year from either brides and grooms or from banquet halls asking us to come DJ an event because the DJ they hired is nowhere to be found.  You can count on us.  Guaranteed.

How far ahead should we book a date?2017-10-08T03:22:33+00:00

As a rule of thumb, as soon as you possibly can.  For the popular dates, we book about a year in advance.  Once you pick your date, there are a few things you want to get lined up ASAP.  They are;

  • Ceremony location and Officiant
  • Reception Hall
  • Disk Jockey
  • Cake
  • Caterer
  • Photographer

The rest of it, can easily be filled in.

Will we receive a written contract?2017-10-08T03:19:22+00:00

Yes.  Every client that books ZMusic DJ’s will receive a written contract that spells out the details of the event.  You will have access to the contract online, and can print it for your self.

Can we come see you at an Event?2017-10-08T03:16:31+00:00

The short answer is No.  Why?  Quite simply, it’s not our event to invite you to attend.  It’s a private event.  Would you want us to invite 2 or 3 other couples to come to your event so they can see us?  There are other reasons as well.

First off, when we are DJ’ing an event, our attention is on the bride and groom and that event.  The music for that event, and what the guests want to listen and dance to.  Splitting our time to talk to or “interview” with someone else is just wrong.  And, it’s not what you are paying us for.  It’s not fair to the bride and groom.

Secondly, the music for every event is tailored to that event.  Here’s an example.  We did a wedding reception where one of the songs that the bride and groom requested, as did the family, was titled “Hangman” by Peter, Paul and Mary.  If you were to walk in or be present when we played that song (which was in the middle of a dance set), you may think “Whoa…what is he doing?!?” And, then walked out and written us off as flat out looney.  I have never thought to play that song, and have never played it since.  But it was special to the family.  Matter of fact, the dance floor filled to capacity, and they sang every word.  It was amazing.  The music is tailored and programmed to the event.

We will be happy to meet with you in person.  Call the banquet halls or the hall where your reception will be and ask them about us.

Do you have any references?2017-10-08T03:00:48+00:00

Yes we do.  Give us a shout and we will gladly send you some.  Plus, you will find testimonials, and all sorts of rave comments all over the site.

What is included in your price?2017-10-08T02:32:42+00:00

All prices are “all” inclusive.  They include;

  • Planning meetings
  • Online access to a planning form
  • Online access to the music database
  • Set-up
  • Dinner / Social music
  • Dance music
  • Tear Down
  • And of course, the DJ

There is no charge for travel if the event is in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area.  If your event is outside of that area, there may be flat fee for travel.  But, you will know what that is prior to the event.  Did we mention that the rate is “All Inclusive” for the day?  Your DJ will be there playing music (as long as guests are dancing) till midnight.

What do you charge for 5 hours?2017-10-08T13:51:10+00:00

This question is probably the most asked question we have received in over 30+ years.  First off, you can find all of our rates on our Rates page.  But, more importantly is what the rates cover.  Our rates are an “All-Inclusive” rate for the day.  Here’s why and what it means.  We know that having a DJ come and tap you (or your parents) on the shoulder at 10:52 pm and tell you “the 5 hours is almost up, do you want to pay for an extra hour, or should we go ahead and play the last song?” is just plain tacky.  It puts you, your parents, in a bad spot.  It’s uncomfortable.  It seems like the DJ is holding you hostage.  It’s just wrong in our book.  So, our rates cover the reception up till midnight.  Plain and simple.  Is your cocktail hour starting at 4 pm?  That’s when we start, and we will play till midnight as long as we can keep guests dancing.  Reception starting 6 pm?  Same deal.  You don’t have to worry about when the Time block starts.  Your covered till midnight.

Where do you download all of your music?2017-10-08T04:16:27+00:00

We maintain a subscription to a few record pools where professional DJ’s are allowed to download music.  You won’t find us playing from iTunes or Amazon music or even Spotify.  All of our music is purchased and licensed to us.

What format is your music in?2017-10-08T14:10:38+00:00

When we started, all of our music was on Vinyl records (LP’s and 45 rpms).  Then it went to Cassette tapes, and then to CD’s.  Anymore, it’s all high quality MP3’s.  We no longer carry the Vinyl, Cassettes, or CD’s with us.  However, we still have them.  All of them.  And, Jeff still has all of his LP’s and 45’s.  One of the big benefits of technology, is that we no longer have to carry cases and cases of CD’s (or Vinyl).  And our backs appreciate it.

Who controls the volume?2017-10-08T14:02:19+00:00

You control the volume!  If you want the music just loud enough so that regular conversation can take place, we can play at that volume and still provide crystal clear sound.  If you want heart thumpin’ music, we can play at that volume and still be crystal clear.  More volume isn’t always better.  We have designed our system  for maximum efficiency and clarity.  So you get great sound at any level.

Can we request that certain songs not be played?2017-10-08T03:56:48+00:00

Certainly.  As the bride and groom, or hosts of the event, it is up to you.  If there are certain songs that you do not want played, we will gladly comply.  During our planning meeting we will review with you the songs you asked us not to play, and review how we will handle this if we get a request for that song.

Do you have the Music we want?2017-10-08T03:53:38+00:00

Yes.  Part of our planning meeting will be to go over the styles of music you want.  Our music library is quite large.  We don’t even list it all in our online music database.  It’s rare that we don’t have it.  But, if it just so happens that we don’t, we will get it, provided we can find it. Our music library spans the Big Band music up to the current music of today, and just about everything in between.

Something to make note on in regards to a music library.  Many DJ’s will promote that they have 30,000 or 50,000 songs or more.  Here’s the bottom line.  During a normal four (4) hour dance, the average amount of songs that are played are 60.  So, whether it’s 600 songs or 60,000 songs that are in a library, what really matters is does the DJ know how and when to program certain songs, and tailor the playlist to the crowd.

Can we make requests?2017-10-08T02:59:02+00:00

Yes!  Just so we are clear on that answer.  Yes!  We encourage it.  ZMusic DJ’s prides ourselves on playing as many requests as possible.  We ask your guests to give us requests.  As a Bride and Groom, you will get to submit an entire request list.  The requests give us a better idea of what your “group” of friends and family want to listen/dance to on the floor.  So, once again…Yes.

Thank you so much for providing the music at our wedding reception.  You did an amazing job.  Everyone had a fantastic time!!!  We really appreciate all you did to make the night special.

Matthew & Ellen

Nick and I just wanted to thank you again for what a wonderful job you did.  I am very happy we decided to book with you!

Amy & Nick

Mark and I would like to thank you for joining in the celebration of our wedding.  You did a wonderful job at our reception and got many compliments from guests on how well you got the crowd involved.  We were very pleased with your enthusiasm and truly had a wonderful care free night.  Thanks again!

Lynne & Mark