Football & Weddings

Iowa EndzoneIt’s that time of year again when Football is in prime time.  If you are having a wedding between October and December, you no doubt have been asked a question something like this…”Is your wedding the same day as the Iowa vs Minnesota game?!?”  Fill in your favorite college teams.  Brides have struggles with this for years.  If your reception is at a venue that has a bar with a TV, then most of the guys (and some of the ladies) will be out at the bar watching the game.  Sometimes, they will be there during the toasts, dinner, dance, you name it.  If there isn’t a bar with a TV available, you risk the chance of some people just not showing up, or a bunch of people watching the game on their phones or tablets.  (And, some really upset wives).  So here’s a solution.  Make arrangements to have a TV brought into the reception area, and put it in a back corner, far away from the DJ and the head table.  You get to then control it as best as you can.  You can turn it off during the toasts.  You can turn it off during the first dance.  But you get to pick.  And, keep them all in the room.  And, more couples will go home happy at the end of the night.  Depending on the game, it can even be worked into the festivities.

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