Z-Music DJ’s

Z-Music DJ’s was started in 1985 when Jeff was still in college.  At the time, Jeff was working at the student run radio station at UNI, and also the lead DJ at a local 50’s era bar in Cedar Rapids (which meant lots of nights driving back and forth).

While working at the 50’s era bar, Jeff got lot’s of requests to DJ weddings and private functions.  So, with the purchase of some equipment, and lot’s of 45’s (yes, 45’s), Jeff started his DJ Business.

Over the last 25 plus years, there has been many changes in the DJ industry.  From Records, to Tapes, to CD’s to now all digital.  Jeff has seen them all.  (he actually still has one of his original Techniques MK1200 turn tables).

In 2007, Jeff added a second DJ by the name of paul.  Paul has been DJ’ing since 1986.  Both Paul and Jeff have very similar DJ styles, and so it was a perfect fit for Paul under the Z-Music banner.

Z-Music DJ’s was started because we love to play music and get people to dance.  And that still holds true today.  Regardless of the technology, and lights, it’s about the music.  And, we love having fun.  There is something about watching people walk off the dance floor exhausted, sweaty and smiling from ear to ear and still bouncing to the beat of the music.  it still makes us smile.

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