Kirk Monson

Kirk Monson started DJ’ing in 1986 up in the Lake Okoboji area.  (and he’s been rockin’ it ever since).

Kirk and Jeff met in college at the University of Northern Iowa while both were studying for broadcasting degrees.  (they of course both graduated).  Kirk spent some time working at the student run radio station, as well as running his own DJ business while in College.

Kirk married his High School Sweetheart while still in college (ask him how he met his wife), and the two have been married ever since.  They have three girls who are very active.  As his girls got older, Kirk still wanted to DJ, but just didn’t have time to run his business.  So, he now DJ’s under the Z-Music Banner.  This allows him to spend time with his family, DJ, and not worry about running the business.

Kirk is also an accomplished Video Producer/Editor and has won numerous industry awards for his video work.

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