Making your Music Request List

Whether you are months away from your reception or just a week away from the date, one of the large items that often gets overlooked till the last minute is making your list of songs for the reception.  There are many ways of doing this, but ultimately, it comes down to this….”Where do we start?”  So here’s some questions that you can ask yourself to help guide you to making the song lists for your reception.

  • What do you want to listen to during your reception?
  • Do we want a lot of dancing?
  • Do we want to hear “only” the music of our choosing or do we want our guests to be able to make requests?
  • Do you want to include music for everyone?
  • What types of music would make you leave early?

So, if you want a lot of dancing, structure your requests around the types of music you go out and dance to.  It doesn’t have to be all inclusive, but a list of about 20 to 30 of your “favorite” dance songs will give your DJ the best direction of what you like to dance to.  Your guests and the DJ’s knowledge will fill in the rest.

If, you don’t want your guests to make requests, and you want only to hear the music of your choosing, then your list will have to be fairly encompassing.  On average, you will need to give the DJ a list of about 60 songs for the dance/after dinner time.

If you want to include music for everyone, you can allow guests to make requests, and let the DJ make the decision as to whether or not the song works.  You can also ask some of your friends that you know listen to other genre’s of music and ask them for their fav’s.  Then add them to your list.

Here’s the best way to organize your list;

  • Must Play – these are songs that you must hear throughout the night.  Try to keep it to no more than 20.
  • Play if Possible – Songs you want to hear, but if they don’t get played, it won’t be the end of the world.
  • DO NOT PLAY – Songs you do not want to hear at all.

Making your song lists can be a bit daunting.  However, once you know if you are making your list just for you two, or if you are making it for the two of you and all your guests, you will be better prepared to pick the songs that make up the soundtrack of your reception.

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