Prince ….

I have struggled to write down my thoughts on this artist since his passing.  I still can’t believe it.  Prince was one of those iconic artists that embodied music.  He lived it, breathed it, and you could see it in him when he played. 

I remember dancing to his music when I was in college, and to some degree, his music is what pushed me into being a DJ.  His grooves were infectious, different and down right a blast.

I have been playing his music for the entire time I have been a DJ.  I can’t think of a wedding season where a Prince song was not played.  Whether it was new music or some of his classic stuff like “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Little Red Corvett”, “Raspberry Beret”.  They were always requested, and still are.  It’s still music that moves a dance floor.  Everyone knows the words.  And, everyone wants to dance to it. 

I thought about trying to find the best video clip of Prince available and posting it, but one clip just doesn’t do the trick.  If you haven’t seen the Super Bowl performance you should.  If you haven’t seen the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame performance, you should.  Just go looking for a few Prince performances and you will quickly see an artists artist. 

I recently saw an article that said there are over 200 tracks that were found in his studio that have not been released.  The man and his music could potentially continue to influence music for years after his death.  I hope they are released if it’s true.

Prince was an amazing artist, an amazing guitarist, a fantastic performer, and one who will never be recreated.  His ability to continue to expand his music and give us something fresh, funky, and groove worthy will be missed.

I still can’t believe it.  And, I don’t want to. 

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