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All of our wedding packages have a range.  Why, you might ask?  Well, it’s quite simple.  We are all family men, with very active kids at different stages of life.  Some of us have younger children, some older.  As such, Z-Music DJ’s requires that each DJ put a value on their time.  This value takes into account time away from family and time to execute an event to the standards that we have set.  That’s why you will see a range in price for the packages.  The range represents the lowest price one of our DJ’s get’s paid and the highest price one of our DJ’s gets paid for that package.  The price is totally dependent on the DJ you pick.  To get more information, click on a picture to learn a little more about each DJ.

Below we have put together some packages of our most popular configurations and what we get requests for the most.  The packages below are to make it easy if you don’t want to have to stress about what to include or what options are the most popular.  However, don’t feel like you are limited to only these packages.  We have many different options, and would welcome the chance to customize a package that fits your wedding reception.  So…..look through the packages, and look at our extras, then email or call us, and we will get your date confirmed on our calendar.


RUBY PACKAGE – $850.00 to $1000.00

We set-up prior to your guests arriving. We will begin playing the music of your choice when your first guest arrives. The music will continue until as late as midnight.  One DJ, Sound System, Access to all online planning forms and music Database. (This package has no dance lights)

EMERALD PACKAGE – $1050.00 – $1500.00

Everything in the Bronze package plus: a Light Show for the dance floor.  We set-up prior to your guests arriving.  We will begin playing the music of your choice when your first guest arrives.  The music will continue until as late as midnight.  This package includes One DJ, Sound System, and web access to all the planning tools including the music database.  This package (our most popular) adds the excitement and fun of dance lighting.

DIAMOND PACKAGE – $1300.00 – $2000.00

This package is quickly becoming one of our most popular.  Everything in the Silver package is included, plus we add the following; 10 Up-Lights to “color” the room.  We can Up-Light the walls, specific sections of the room such as the cake table, head table, you decide how you want the 10 Up-Lights used.


WEDDING RECEPTION – (ANY night but Saturday night) – $ Email for a price quote

Special pricing for wedding receptions on Sunday nights through Friday nights.  This package includes everything in the “Silver Package”, except it happens on a night that isn’t a Saturday or a holiday. 


WEDDING RECEPTION – OFF SEASON (November through March) – $ Email for a price quote

This special pricing is for weddings that happen during the off-season for weddings and that take place on a Saturday.  That season is November through March.  Everything listed in silver package is included.  You just get a discount for having a wedding during the off-peak wedding season.  Ask us about upgrading this package to the Gold package for your Off Season wedding.


WEDDING CEREMONY MUSIC (Same location & same room as the reception) –  $100.00 extra

WEDDING CEREMONY MUSIC (Same location as reception but requires an additional set-up) – $200.00 extra

The price includes unlimited pre-seating music, planning and coordination of your wedding with your coordinator and music selection.

WEDDING CEREMONY MUSIC(Different Location) –  $300.00 extra

This price applies to a wedding ceremony that is located at a different facility than the reception and requires a second sound system. The price includes unlimited pre-seating music, planning and coordination of your wedding with your coordinator and music selection.


HOLIDAY PARTIES (on an actual holiday) – $ 1800.00

(Including Labor Day Weekend & Memorial Day weekend)

These parties can include anything from a Halloween party to a Christmas party to a Labor Day Weekend party (excluding New Years Eve). Price includes event consultation and planning, wireless microphone if needed, dinner music and dance. The price covers music for the day booked, up until midnight.  Everything in the “SILVER PACKAGE” is included.   (Example: If you are planning a Valentine’s Day dance, and the event date is on February 14, then this event would qualify as a holiday rate. This also includes Labor Day Weekend and Memorial Day Weekend. The entire weekend for both Labor Day and Memorial Day is considered a holiday.)


NEW YEARS EVE – $ 3000.00 

The party goes till 1 am!  We bring the “GOLD PACKAGE” , and up-lights. (we may even bring some other lighting effects just for sheer fun). This price includes pre-event consultation and planning, dinner music (your choice of formats) and dance, and the countdown to the New Year. Then, we finish off the evening with dancing till 1:00 am to ring in the new year.