These Girls Rock!

I love music.  Period.  All DJ’s do.  All kinds of music, Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Jazz, Urban, Hard Rock, Rap, etc…I listen to it all.  Music is a universal language that everyone can get into.  I listen to so much music that I am always looking for something that makes me go “Wow!”.  That was great.  And, I love a good cover.  It’s great when someone else puts their spin on a song and makes it work.  Music is seems has no bounds, and has the ability to inspire people at all ages and from everywhere around the world.  Take this girl band that I found on YouTube.  These girls do a great job, I mean a great job of covering Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”.  After listening to it, I thought “Wow!”  That was great.  These girls rock!

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