Wedding Traditions

As you are planning your wedding, you are no doubt having discussions on what exactly will happen pre-ceremony, during the ceremony, after the ceremony, etc….  You might be talking about typical U.S. traditions.  It may be regional traditions, or heck, you might even have some family traditions that you want to continue on.  There’s a lot to think about.  I get it.

Maybe, just maybe you thought to yourself, holy Chicken Dance Batman, do we really have to do that?  To put U.S. customs in perspective take a read of this article to see what some of the customs around the world are.  I ran across this article, and it’s great.  This article will give you a new found respect for your some of the traditions you may be doing on your wedding day.

And, if you are still looking for a wedding band for your fiancee (soon to be husband), this site has some fantastic wedding bands just for him.  I’m considering replacing mine (which i really like) with one of these.  (by the way, this is not a paid endorsement)

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