Getting married is one of the biggest days in your life. You want everything to be perfect, from the flowers, to the walk down the aisle, to the correct music. Choosing music for your cocktail hour, dinner and subsequent reception dance is just as crucial. Having the correct music could even be one of the most critical aspects of your reception. The music must be just right. From the time your guests walk in until we start your first song, and continuing through the night. The music helps set the atmosphere for the entire evening. Ask yourself how often you have left a reception because the appetizers tasted bad? Now ask yourself, how often have you left a reception early because the music wasn’t fun, or was too loud, or just plain offensive?.

We understand that this is a “Big” day. We get it.  Research shows that this day is one of the most stressful a person can go through. We also understand that the center of attention is the bride and groom. Z-Music will tactfully blend in with your reception and your guests. We will interact with your guests in a respectful manner. In short, we will communicate with “you”, your photographer, videographer, caterer, hall manager, etc., to help ensure that your reception is stress free for you.

Z-Music has a very comprehensive music library covering just about all areas and styles of music. All of our music is high quality MP3’s (ripped from the actual CD, not downloaded, and we rip our MP3’s at a rate that is equal to CD quality). Plus, we use “raided hard drives” for our back-up music library.   Our music spans from the swing and big band era through the 50’s & 60’s, the best disco right up through the 80’s and the current Top 40 of today. We always try to play as many requests (if appropriate) as possible and actively solicit requests throughout the evening. We believe this is the best way to program your reception dance. Playing the songs that you and your guests want to hear and dance to.

Since we concentrate on performing at weddings, we have experience in all aspects of any reception. We can help you pick the right music for background music and dinner music as well as help coordinate and announce the following:

  • Grand Entrance of the Wedding Party
  • Cutting of the Cake
  • Beginning of Dinner
  • Children’s bouquet
  • Garter & Bouquet Tosses (from Classy to Wild)
  • First Dance of the Bride & Groom
  • Wedding Party dance
  • Mother & Son dance
  • Father & Daughter dance
  • Dollar dance

We  coordinate with your photographer and/or videographer to ensure that none of these memorable moments are missed by anyone.

Some other benefits you will receive when you book your wedding reception with Z-Music are:

  • Planning consultation (either in person, on the phone or by email – your choice)
  • Coordinating your reception
  • Picking the music you want played as well as what you “don’t” want played.
  • Picking your requests by using our on-line music database
  • PLUS – you never have to worry about “have we booked enough time?  Our rates are all inclusive for the day!!!
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